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Evaluation of Survive and Thrive

Title Evaluation of Survive and Thrive

The Survive and Thrive pilot program is an intensive two year bushfire education program for primary school students in Grade 5/6. It is delivered through a community-based partnership between local CFA brigades and local primary schools. To date, the program has been delivered in the localities of Anglesea and Strathewen. In Anglesea, the partnership between Anglesea CFA and Anglesea Primary School was established in 2013 and the program has been running for four years. In Strathewen, the partnership between Strathewen Primary School and Arthurs Creek Fire Brigade was established in 2016 and the program has been running for 18 months.


Briony Towers, Sophie Perillo and Kevin Ronan

Download File Evaluation+of+Survive+and+Thrive_report.pdf
Publish Date 19th April 2018
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