Community Based Emergency Management Portal

Our vision is to create a robust and stable open source web platform that is intuitive to use and provides current and timely information via the internet.

The Knowledgebase platform provides comprehensive information regarding assets at risk from fire, with the capability to develop, improve and expand to support an ‘all hazards, all agencies approach’ across multiple risk environments in the future.

This project brings together a unique collaboration of multiple local, regional and state agencies, organisations, infrastructure managers and utility providers with expertise in risk management, data collection, modelling and visualisation, information and communications technology (ICT).  Each participant is strongly committed to the innovative project vision of delivering a high quality information platform for the effective sharing of relevant spatial information and linked documents, to enable better decisions.

To achieve the vision, the collaborators share current data, enabling it to be accessed by each other's interoperable systems.  Applications have been written to dynamically model the interoperable data and deliver the required outputs via high capacity internet to satisfy a variety of end user requirements.

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