To develop an online web based ‘one stop shop’ to support regional, local and community level decision making processes, when strategically planning to manage assets from the risk and consequences of fire and other emergency events.

    This project aims to transform the current delivery and sharing of risk management data by building the capability to access and dynamically share diverse databases owned and managed by the State's fire and emergency managers, research agencies and others.

    Most importantly, the project aims to provide a web based portal with visualisation tools designed to overcome the current barriers to obtaining relevant spatial information and linked documents.  Users will be able to access map based data including but not restricted to:

    • Asset data from the Victorian Fire Risk Register;
    • Vicmap API;
    • Planning overlays;
    • Digital Elevation Modelling (DEM – height above sea level);
    • Forestry production and plantation information;
    • Enhanced Vegetation Index (EVI);
    • Nature print (DSE flora and fauna information);
    • Local government areas;
    • Graphical representations from DEPI fire history & Fire Operations Plan;
    • Crown/Public land information;
    • Tailored complimentary datasets
    • Key bushfire landscape areas;
    • High risk townships (2009 Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission)
    • Light Detection and Ranging information (LiDAR - remote sensing technology);
    • Address search function;
    • Documents able to be downloaded spatially; and
    • Priority cross boundary areas of interest.