Community Based Emergency Management Portal

Find out more about Community Based Emergency Management (CBEM)

Information in the portal will be provided in an intuitive and visual manner and by providing opportunities to share local expertise. Community based emergency practices will be supported through access to new technologies.

The My Community Portal will enable communities and organisations to work together and plan for emergencies by supporting the gathering, publishing and sharing of information about:

  • The people who live, work in and visit the community
  • The assets, values and support systems of these people, including what they see as important
  • Local priorities including the likely emergency scenarios that may affect the community
  • What can be done, including what is already in place, what is considered acceptable and what can be improved
  • The goals and actions to be completed by organisations, communities and organisations together, and by the community members themselves, and
  • Different ways of learning and working together before, during and after times of need.
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